What Makes a Good Meeting Room: 7 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Conference Space

May 10, 2024
What Makes a Good Meeting Room: 7 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Conference Space

Although often underrated, a good meeting room design and layout can actually make or break a business deal. It has a significant impact on many factors, covering business partners, employees, and potential clients.

Choosing the ideal meeting room can:

1. Increase Deal Success Rate

A significant majority of executives believe that the environment in which negotiations take place influences the outcome of the deal. This includes the comfort, amenities, and support services of a meeting room.

2. Improve Client’s First Impression

According to Forbes, people create their own first impression within just 7 seconds of meeting someone. This is why having a thoughtfully designed meeting room can exude professionalism and competence, which are critical for successful negotiations.

3. Simplify Collaboration and Decision-making

A well-designed meeting room with an effective layout can enhance collaborations and collective face-to-face discussions, which are crucial for successful deal-making.

4. Reduce Stress and Improve Focus

Prioritizing comfort in meeting rooms reduces uneasiness and stress, leading to more focused and effective negotiations. Some business professionals also believe that a well-ventilated and well-lit meeting room environment helps maintain focus and productivity during critical negotiations.

With these observations from experts, it is clear that choosing the right meeting room could be the one instrumental element that can support successful deals for a company and overall business growth.

Especially with the evolution of online meetings, the need for many other elements which may not be present in a traditional meeting room space also comes into the picture.

Besides this, choosing the right meeting room is crucial to ensuring that your team can meet all its objectives successfully. The perfect meeting space allows employees to brainstorm ideas, share updates and find solutions in a pleasant and well-equipped environment.

This article will focus on understanding what makes a good meeting room and the factors you need to consider when choosing one to rent.


1. The Size of the Meeting Room

When it comes to meeting room design, size is a crucial factor. It must complement the number of people in your desired meeting setting. If it is small, the space could feel constricted and discourage employee engagement due to the lack of comfort.

An overly spacious room could distract employees and hinder their productivity. It could also unnecessarily increase your expenses due to the higher cost. It is vital to select a space that fits the size of your group perfectly, whether it is for internal or external meetings.


2. The Location and Accessibility

A significant component of any meeting is that all attendees should be able to access it with ease. This should take into account commuting and infrastructure facilities leading to the location. Preferably, a location in the city is ideal for business meetings. If not, there will be delays, and some individuals may not attend the meeting.

So, when you understand what factors make a good meeting room, always consider the location accessibility of the target audience. Select a location close to where the majority of the group stays, or it should be easy to commute to the place.

It is also essential that if attendees have any special needs, the venue should have the facilities to accommodate them. Wheelchair access and elevators could be compulsory depending on the needs of the guests or attendees.


3. Complimentary Facilities and Equipment

While many organisations overlook this, facilities and equipment should be given the highest priority when shortlisting what factors make a good meeting room. Having the necessary equipment will enable your meeting to proceed smoothly and ensure your group can achieve its goals.

Just make sure to talk to the service providers and see the availability of certain facilities and equipment before settling for an option. It will be easier to organize the gathering and also avoid unnecessary complications.

Sourcing them from elsewhere can increase expenses and be stressful to coordinate. It can also waste valuable time if the room is not configured to support them, as you will have to find another supplier or additional tools.



4. The Conference Room Flexibility

Depending on your needs, a flexible meeting room design could be essential. If you plan to rent a space occasionally, then the venue needs to be adaptable so that you can customize the place according to your needs.

Selecting a provider who is not overly strict with rules and willing to accommodate your requirements will be better in the long run than a rigid one.


5. Meeting Room Security

This is to ensure you and your guests will be safe for the duration of your meeting. The venue selected should have sufficient security measures in place to keep you and the team safe.

A secure meeting room design will give the group privacy and eliminate the possibility of disruptions. In case of emergencies, there will be measures to quickly alert you and the team and help you leave the building safely.


6. Colour and Aesthetic Psychology

Anyone trying to understand what makes a good meeting room design that can close successful business deals should prioritise colour and aesthetic psychology. Because meeting rooms involve dealing with people, whether it is among employees or potential clients, the colours have a great psychological impact on how the people in a room feel. For example, blue tones are known to enhance focus and efficiency, while green tones can reduce anxiety and create a calming atmosphere.

Similarly, some experts believe vibrant colours like yellow can spark creativity and optimism in the environment, which can be the perfect vibe for brainstorming sessions. Vibrant colours also tend to make people feel more energized, which can lead to more dynamic and engaging meetings​.


7. Technology and Tools

Professionals, when pointing out what makes a good meeting room, specifically emphasise advanced technology, such as high-quality video conferencing tools and interactive whiteboards, to enhance communication and collaboration. Having these technologies is essential to ensure effective meetings that enable seamless interaction among participants, even in a virtual meeting setting.

This can also significantly reduce the time organisations spend organizing meetings or having a specialised team to do them. It is also best to have a look at the IT support team in case of breakdowns, as this can affect the efficiency and productivity of meetings to a great extent.


Your Meeting Room: The Foundation of Successful Discussions

meeting room

Always remember that a good meeting room can do wonders for the outcomes of a discussion, whether they are held among employees or potential clients. The best way to make sure a meeting room has all that it takes to maximise efficiency is to opt for reputable providers.

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