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You can browse the portfolio of workspace solutions on our website and enquire about the office spaces that interest you the most. During the inquiry process, you will need to give us more details regarding when you need it, how many people you need it for, or any other details that you think will enable us to recommend another or a better-customized workspace solution that might be a good fit. You can also call us and book a tour if needed.
The cost of your workspace at TEC depends on many factors. This includes what type of workspace you need, how many people you’re looking to accommodate, the number of workstations or how much workspace you need, contract duration, city, availability, and other infrastructure, amenities & services required. Since all your workspace requirements can be tailored to suit your expectations at TEC, you will only pay for what you need.
At TEC, we offer flexible term contracts that can either be a short lease period that starts on a month-month basis or even a long lease that can go up to many years. We can structure your contract that allows you to scale the size of your workspace, up or down, depending on your business. This way, you can accommodate additional space or even downsize without incurring any break-lease cost.
There is no hard rule for renting workspaces at TEC. We provide workspace solutions to all sizes, from all industries, and all stages of business life cycles. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small start-up, global cooperation, businesses that need an event space, or even a person looking for a coworking space, we have flexible workspace solutions that can cater to all your workspace requirements and budget precisely.
AT TEC, we take the personal data of our customers seriously. We handle all your data under the latest data protection regulation in the country we operate. You can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you or any data you have provided to us. If you have any unanswered questions about your data, you can directly refer to the privacy policy published on our website or contact us.
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