Flexible Environment: How Can You Truly Transform Your Serviced Office For Maximum Productivity

April 8, 2021
Flexible Environment: How Can You Truly Transform Your Serviced Office For Maximum Productivity

The most valuable asset of every business is its team. In the 21st century, a productive and satisfied team is the gold standard of business. To ensure that, the office environment has to be conducive for growth and productivity. Studies have shown that performance and productivity are highly linked to office design and the environment. Let us take a look at how a serviced office can be transformed for maximum productivity. 

Improved accessibility 

The office has to be arranged in such a way that everyone can move around easily. Easy access to all areas of the office is important. Workstations and furniture have to be set up with ample space on either side for people to move through. 

Divide open spaces 

The disadvantage of an open office design is that the slightest disturbance or noise can be felt or heard across the entire office, disrupting the employees’ work. On the other hand, cubicles are too restrictive. Therefore, open spaces should be broken with bookshelves or furniture like filing cabinets that fit in. 

Declutter the space 

A cluttered office can affect the performance of an employee. Working in a disorganised and dirty office filled with unnecessary things can dampen the team’s productivity. Furthermore, it sends a negative message across to potential clients and customers. A few measures that can be taken are going wireless wherever possible, investing in storage solutions, minimizing desk items, providing each employee with a personal space for storage, etc.

Create spaces for socialisation 

Socialisation and networking enhance the creative process. Therefore, it is important to establish areas that employees can use to interact with one another. A comfortable area where team members can take a break and unwind, where discourse can run free, and refreshment is provided can boost the employee experience.

Provide the team with choices for workspace and seating 

With the advancements in technology, employees no longer have to be restricted to their desks to get work done. Mobility and change can contribute to the enhancement of productivity. A change of scenery or even a change of seating can do wonders. Businesses can incorporate multiperson tools, adjustable height desks, and various other flexible options that keep the energy levels of employees high. 

Set aside quiet spaces 

Quiet areas in an office are important for times when team members need to focus and concentrate. These areas should be kept away from socialisation spaces and collaborative areas to minimize distraction. 

Establish a training space 

With the constant improvements in existing tools and new software coming up now and then, it is important to be updated to stay ahead in the game. Every office should have a space designated for training purposes. 

Make the best use of lighting 

Proper lighting is of the essence when it comes to office spaces. Working constantly under fluorescent lights can affect the performance of the team. The best solution to this is to properly arrange the space such that the natural light let in by the windows can be made maximum use of. In other cases, businesses can install adaptive lighting technology to mimic the natural light of the time.

Include natural elements 

Natural elements tend to make the mind happier, cheerful, and more productive. A few ways to incorporate natural elements into your serviced office space are using wooden furnishings, plants, and earthy colours. 

Unlike traditional, rigid office spaces, serviced offices offer the provision for flexibility and transformation. Businesses can procure a customised serviced office that incorporates all the measures mentioned above to enhance the team’s productivity. 

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