Pursuing Success: Optimising Your Coworking Space To Maximise Productivity

October 8, 2021
Pursuing Success: Optimising Your Coworking Space To Maximise Productivity

The coworking culture has been evolving for quite some time now, and with the recent pandemic, businesses are realising its cost-effective and productive aspects more than ever, thereby surging its growth even further. It’s also evidently seen that apart from freelancers and start-up’s, nowadays, even medium and large scale organisations are strategically using coworking spaces for different purposes.

While coworkers are availing of its promised benefits, many are still finding ways to optimise their maximum productivity. This article lists a few ways how organisations can optimise coworking spaces to maximise productivity.

Focus on the space planning 

As coworkers will be working outside a traditional office, space planning is critical in creating a productivity-centred option. To do this, you should consider a few basic things when it comes to space planning, such as the following:

  • Adequate spacing arrangements, be it to work alone comfortably or as a team depending on the nature of job roles.
  • Seating arrangements and workstations should be comfortable for long working hours.
  • Noise control features to promote better focus and fewer distractions. You can consider having a sound system in place to avoid distractions and reduce noise. Try investing in some noise-blocking headphones or putting up a sign by your desk saying not to be disturbed.
  • Easy access to electrical outlets, including the Wi-Fi
  • An organised environment gives quick access to materials, workers, or other devices when needed with less idle time.

When you consider these factors in your coworking space planning,  it’s easier to create a work environment that allows productivity with minimal idle time. 

Make use of call and mail management services 

After apt space planning, one of the most effective ways to maximise coworking space is to use call and mail management services. Most standard coworking space providers have several value-adding services as part of their workspace package; one of them is their mail management services. As most are already aware, one of the significant drawbacks that reduce workplace productivity is repetitive calls.

So instead of having yourself or your team manage them in a coworking space, you have the option of allowing a professional team under the workspace service provider to handle them. This way, you and your team will have ample time to focus on the core business areas and other decision-making processes that require critical thinking skills.

Build networks 

Although not directly related to productivity, building networks is a strategic way of using the benefits of coworking spaces to aid your business success. As we all know, coworking space provides a reliable option to connect and build networks as people from different industries and interests work in a shared space.

When coworkers build networks, they get exposure to different aspects of industries, solve problems, and even develop new skills. If you look in-depth, these learning and experiences through building networks help you and your workers broadly approach work with new skills and knowledge, which has a significant impact on boosting workplace productivity. 

It’s important to mention that maximising productivity in a coworking space also heavily relies on the choice of the coworking space provider, their policies, standards, and all other related amenities included in the package. So make sure that your choice of coworking space provides great value additions to maximise work productivity alongside cost benefits.

At The Executive Centre, our coworking spaces are catered to today’s modern professionals. We also offer perfectly customisable coworking plans to meet the precise workspace needs of you and your team to maximise productivity in ways you prefer. 

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