What PRO Means In The UAE

June 21, 2022
What PRO Means In The UAE

The UAE’s growing economic prosperity and rapid infrastructure development attract investors and SMEs to its shores on a regular basis.

PRO services in UAE is an acronym for public relations official, who works in the Personnel Affairs Department and is responsible for enforcing government procedures that require employers to follow all laws and legal regulations governing labor relations in the United Arab Emirates.

This job is critical because it can lead to serious consequences if companies do not understand the laws and regulations, resulting in numerous violations and, in some cases, the inclusion of companies on the blacklist.

Benefits of PRO Services

Save Money

Many business owners believe that outsourcing professional services is an extra cost, which is incorrect. Third-party forms charge small fees for their services, which are insignificant when compared to the value they provide to the company. You only pay them for their work because they are not permanent employees in your company. 

They handle a lot of work and progress in your business in that little time, making the services worthwhile. To save money, compare what different companies have to offer and pick the one that best fits your budget. You can also bargain for better conditions.


Save Time

Every business relies heavily on time. You don’t have time for trial and error in your industry as an entrepreneur. Professional service providers always know what they’re doing, which means they provide prompt service. You only agree on how long the work will take before the project begins, and that is exactly what they do. The quick delivery allows you to carry on with your business activities without having to focus too much on the same thing.


What PRO Services Do

PROs are experts at keeping a firm grip on the legal, administrative, human resource, and financial aspects of a business. Legal documentation, business approvals, license renewal, government reform implementation, and visa services for employees, dependents, and domestic workers are typically divided into different tasks.


Trade License Renewal

PROs are working with the UAE government to assist companies with trade license renewal in the UAE by submitting legal documents and obtaining approvals from various state and local agencies as well as the judicial department in the shortest time possible. This allows the company to stay focused on its core business while avoiding fines or penalties imposed on defaulters and non-compliant entities.


Visa Solutions

PRO assists businesses, employees, dependents, and domestic workers in obtaining visas. PROs contact the client’s employees’ immigration department to obtain employee visas and labor cards.


Family Visa

PROs process family members of the sponsor’s dependents’ documents according to age and gender, obtain approvals from various departments, obtain attestations from embassies, secure visa clearance, file accommodation, and provide other legal rights to live as UAE residents through either employee or employer sponsored visa.


Clearing Services for Documents

Most importantly, PROs handle all document clearances from the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, government departments, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Outsourcing professional services has many advantages for businesses, but the ones listed above are the most important. However, you should still do your homework before hiring any service providers. Before you hire, make sure the right service provider has a long history in the industry. Before you hire them, evaluate their communication skills and qualities. Take into account their ratings and reputation as well. This way, you can rest assured that you are working with the best people.

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