Coworking Spaces

The infrastructure to work from anywhere

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Coworking Spaces

The infrastructure to work from anywhere

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Industry-leading technology

Stable connectivity and reliable infrastructure

Networking opportunities

Access to The Executive Centre’s international network of compatible professionals

First-class support

Leading expertise and assistance from our in-house team

Contemporary interiors

Modern workspaces designed to enhance productivity

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A Flexible Coworking Plan

Choose your next workspace with these versatile coworking plans:

Coworking Spaces

Flexible Way Of Working

Welcome to a collective space that offers a flexible way of working that fits in with your life and schedule. Our coworking spaces offer more than just a desk. It is designed to maximize productivity and facilitate connections with like-minded professionals, opening you and your business up to new opportunities.

Benefit from Coworking’s unparalleled support and expertise you can rely on to help you reach your goals.

  • Freedom to create your own work schedule.
  • Access to a global Community of 41,000+ TEC members.
  • Free Community events and exclusive member benefits.
  • Flexibility to balance work and life.


What our clients are saying

“COVID-19, A true pandemic or some people consider it World War 3, with thousands of fatalities and the rest of humanity exposed to such a virus. THE EXECUTIVE CENTER – DUBAI have outshone and proven themselves for their splendid customer service, professionalism and dedication to operate the center even in such tough times.”

Universal Group

“TEC has been a great support to us since we first started our operations in Singapore. As our business grew, they were extremely flexible in offering us more space according to our needs. We highly recommend them for their professionalism and services!”

King and Wood Mallesons

The coworking space at 1 Bligh was our ‘office’ for two years after I set up Findlay Roberts. As a new business this provided us a prestigious city address, an airy working environment in a cutting edge building, competitive pricing and fantastic service from the on-site team.”

Ben Connelly

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Coworking has attained popularity among all industries as it offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It is highly beneficial for individuals and teams who struggle to work remotely, organisations looking for a more social environment and networking opportunities, businesses looking to interact with like-minded professionals, companies with an agile headcount, and so on.

Coworking is a flexible work arrangement where individuals share a communal workspace. It has become popular owing to its agility, dynamism and mobility. Usually, a coworking plan provides users with the added bonus of working in all shared areas of a centre rather than limiting them to a dedicated desk. Certain workspace operators allow you to work from other coworking spaces they provide.

Unlike a coworking workspace, a traditional lease binds a company to a fixed space for a fixed duration, sometimes exceeding 5-10 years. Since every industry evolves rapidly due to the influence of market fluctuations, technology, and economic instability, most companies find it challenging to map out their future in terms of expansions, headcount, and baseline operations.

For an individual, a coworking space helps minimise distractions and encourages a productive mindset by offering an environment conducive to networking and professional growth.

Our Global Pass gives members access to over 150+ TEC coworking spaces around the world.

  • Explore – Discover our coworking space design and layout via our virtual tour or visit our centres in person.
  • Choose – Select a plan that meets your needs and inform us about the location that suits you best.
  • Confirm – Let us know the scheduled start date and duration for the plan of your choice. As soon as you complete the payment, you can start using your coworking space.

From monthly rolling to 12-month plans, we offer a range of contracts, subject to local restrictions. However, incentives are provided for long-term commitments.

For more information, contact one of our sales representatives.

Depending on your region, the cancellation notice period for coworking plans varies from 1-2 months.