Creating A Professional Image: How ADGM’s Serviced Offices Enhance Your Brand

March 14, 2023
Creating A Professional Image: How ADGM’s Serviced Offices Enhance Your Brand

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is a vibrant, strong international financial hub. It was established in 2015 and provides a cutting-edge business infrastructure as well as a comprehensive ecosystem that enables businesses, start-ups, financial institutions, and SMEs to operate, innovate, and expand with ease in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the MENA region.

The ADGM Abu Dhabi zone is well known for providing enterprises with a first-rate working environment and is backed by strong independent regulators, and skilled staff. The region’s growing need for commercial operations and services makes the ADGM a growth catalyst. It provides a high level of regulation and necessary security that international corporations demand from financial zones.

The ADGM offers many advantages to clients, especially considering ADGM corporations. Hence, businesses must adhere to strict standards that are on par with the larger global business community. The ADGM also offers zero corporate income tax, no restrictions on foreign ownership or on the repatriation of profits, and no withholding tax. Also, the well-known Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) offers aids in giving clients security over their investments.

A Well-Regulated Region

The Registration Authority (RA), the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), and the ADGM Courts are the three independent authorities that make up the well-regulated ADGM. These regulatory authorities make sure that all commercial activities take place in accordance with global best standards.

One year after the Abu Dhabi office opened, workstations in the ADGM are still improving. It offers the ideal environment for monetary progress and is a great location for both living and working. The MENA market is anticipated to grow further over the ensuing years, and the company’s presence in Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai helps to keep its services competitive and well-suited to clients’ needs.

Why Set Up Your Business In ADGM

Broad-Based IFC – Inviting companies from all sectors of the economy to contribute to the vibrant community in Abu Dhabi and the larger region

Full Ecosystem – The whole ecosystem of accounting, legal, and service providers is provided by ADGM, which enables business optimization.

Rule Of Law – Strong rule of law based on the direct application of a strong judiciary, quick decision-making made possible by the first e-Courts in the world, the location of the arbitration, and a robust system of judgment enforceability.

Access to Abu Dhabi – An essential component of the Abu Dhabi economy, with the required contracts in place to provide your company access to limitless potential.

Tax Efficiency – With 0% direct tax, no restrictions on the repatriation of profits, and access to the extensive network of double tax treaties in the UAE, ADGM is a tax-friendly environment.

Ownership and Structuring – Offering a flexible toolbox of globally aligned structuring solutions and 100% foreign ownership to match the needs of every organization.

As an international financial center with a wide range of services, ADGM Abu Dhabi offers a variety of adaptable tools and structures to help firms of all sizes manage their operations and preserve their value.

The legal and practical framework provided by ADGM for corporate headquarters and other group responsibilities including contracting, financing, and treasury is advantageous to organizations from every industry.

In the Middle East, ADGM is the ideal jurisdiction for holding, financing, and protecting assets since it has industry leaders in the Energy, Shipping, Aviation, Defense, Healthcare, Construction, and Consumer sectors as members of its community.

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