Do Coworking Spaces Have An Effect On Staff Morale?

January 7, 2022
Do Coworking Spaces Have An Effect On Staff Morale?

The aftereffects of the Covid pandemic shifted many office-based operations to remote working environments. It was during this time many employees found refuge in coworking spaces. It’s reported that 71.5% of workers who used coworking spaces prior to the pandemic will continue to use it while 54.9% of remote workers (belonging to the category of those who have not used coworking spaces previously) will be considering joining one as a remote or hybrid workspace option.  One of the common questions relating to this workspace shift is if they have an impact on employee morale. This article will focus on answering this question. 


What Is Employee Morale? 

Understanding employee morale is important in identifying the impact coworking spaces have on it. Employee morale is simply the amount of satisfaction an employee has with their job and mainly its surrounding working conditions. It measures the motivation of an individual or group within the workplace. It’s a qualitative metric that has a big impact on productivity levels. A high level of employee morale increases productivity. 


How Coworking Spaces Can Boost Employee Morale

Coworking spaces can boost employee morale but effects vary based on the type of coworking space as well. If you take professional coworking spaces like those at The Executive Centre, they are professionally designed to enhance productivity, which positively impacts employee morale. The interiors, the space alignment, lighting, furniture and other amenities; a professional coworking space will provide just the right atmosphere to foster employee morale and productivity. 

According to a study, it was revealed that people’s quality of life (QOL) is affected by the quality of work-life (QWL). Quality of work-life depends on the other hand depends on the morale an employee is able to maintain in his or her working environment. When considering this relationship, it becomes apparent that the working environment significantly boosts employee morale and, thereby, the quality of work and personal life in general. 

If you’re unaware, a coworking space is a work environment that is specifically designed to boost productivity and collaboration. It naturally inherits many morale boosters for anyone working in such an environment. Here are three such ways how coworking spaces impact employee morale positively. 


Stability And Availability Of Tools


As opposed to working from home or in a random location, coworking spaces offer a great level of stability in terms of concentration and focus along with the availability of office tools to ensure a smooth work routine. Even in the context of a virtual office, this stability and access to work tools are extremely beneficial. 

For many employees, having the proper work environment and convenient access to standard office tools like Wi-Fi, phones, printers, and meeting facilities is vital to their quality of working life. This has a positive impact in boosting employee morale and productivity alike. 


A Sense Of Community 

Working alongside other people keeps you more accountable for your job role or task, improving both morale and productivity. Besides this, employees can easily meet different professionals from different industries, build good networks and get assistance for their career or task-related problems. 

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