Driving Positive Change: ADGM Launches Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework

July 7, 2023
Driving Positive Change: ADGM Launches Sustainable Finance Regulatory Framework

ADGM is stepping up sustainability efforts with a novel financial framework. This article explores this initiative’s impact on establishing a more sustainable future locally and globally.

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has recently announced the implementation of its sustainable finance regulatory framework. This robust initiative includes the region’s most extensive ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) disclosure requirements and a comprehensive regulatory framework.

It’s designed for funds, discretionary-managed portfolios, bonds, and sukuk, boosting the region towards attaining the net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. The ADGM functioning in Abu Dhabi is already the most sought-after venue for corporate offices in Dubai. This latest move signifies that Abu Dhabi Business hub is critical in bringing unprecedented change within the UAE and across the global platform.

A Step Towards Sustainability

Notably, this new framework doesn’t just build upon ADGM’s existing regulatory services. It encompasses an entirely new sphere that could bring about monumental changes. For instance, it accelerates ADGM’s regulation of carbon offsets and propels towards setting up the pioneering regulated carbon offsets exchange and clearing house right in ADGM.

Positive Impacts

ADGM’s initiation couldn’t have been more timely, as this current year marks the UAE as the host of COP28. Its latest measures testify to its standing as a leading sustainable finance hub globally. This makes ADGM Abu Dhabi the pivotal epicenter for driving a significant change on the global front.

Immediate Effect

Given the pressing need to foster advancement in the green agenda within Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and globally, these regulations will take immediate effect. The expeditious implementation reiterates ADGM’s commitment to promoting the importance of sustainability, both locally and globally.

Embracing the Change

ADGM’s step towards a sustainable future extends a warm invitation to leading corporate offices in Dubai and global businesses. It encourages them to be part of the change that Abu Dhabi is so fervently bringing about. This drive towards positive change wouldn’t just work towards reducing carbon footprint but also create a more ethical, sustainable, and globally-conscious corporate culture.

With ADGM’s regulatory framework in place, it presents an opportunity for businesses, investors, brokers, and other stakeholders to refocus their strategy. It will help them align their goals with sustainability and ensure they become a meaningful contributor to it.

Advancing Towards a Sustainable Future

ADGM’s new sustainable finance regulatory framework emphasizes its commitment to rapidly transitioning UAE’s economy to a more sustainable and resilient one. This effort’s unique combination of regulation, innovation, and collaboration marks a historic milestone for ADGM Abu Dhabi, advancing its reputation as a leading business hub.


In conclusion, this initiative by ADGM reflects its unwavering dedication to its vision of driving positive change in an economic, social, and environmental context. It surely heralds an era of more conscious growth, firmly aligning the Abu Dhabi business hub with global sustainability objectives.

As we journey further into a world that demands sustainability, ADGM’s pioneering effort paves the way, setting a precedent for financial institutions around the globe.

This is more than a step; it’s a powerful leap toward a sustainable future. A future where finance does not stand separate from sustainability but is a cornerstone of it, shaping the thought and action that drives our world toward a greener future.

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