How Can Companies Benefit From Using Event Spaces For Training Purposes

May 15, 2021
How Can Companies Benefit From Using Event Spaces For Training Purposes

Effective and periodic staff training is crucial to the success of any organisation. Over and above educating the employees, training sessions also help boost their morale and keep them engaged with the organisational goals. Strategically scheduling and planning sessions becomes more important because the restrictions on mobility caused by the pandemic have considerably slowed down productivity across businesses. 

One of the first questions that arise when an organisation plans a training session is the event venue. The decision to hold training is inevitably followed by debates on whether holding it externally or internally is the better option. Even if the office can afford to lend time and space to an onsite training session, there are many benefits to opting for an external training venue. When choosing an external training venue, two aspects of being considered are the venue and facilities and services offered at the venue. 

The feasibility of a venue depends on many factors like the number of delegates it can accommodate, the distance from the office, the ability to host multi-day events, etc. It should be spacious and comfortable for the attendees. The venue should also offer the right equipment, furniture, and spaces for recreation and leisure. One of the key advantages of using an external training space is the positive effect on the morale of the employees. Companies should be willing to invest time and effort into their employees and feel valuable and comfortable. Employees who feel valued will feel energised and thus be willing to engage with the sessions more effectively. Another benefit of external training space is that it allows them to focus on the training by removing them from the distractions of their day-to-day activities. A venue should be sufficiently insulated from unnecessary distractions. External event space can be a recreational experience as much as anything else. The venue must also offer enough flexibility to suit the needs of the training session and have enough logistical facilities to ensure that resources are utilised efficiently.

The services that an external event space provides are also another essential consideration. A good training venue should take care of routine administrative affairs like managing accommodation, tending to guests and speakers, scheduling sessions, and dealing with paperwork. An in-house professional trainer can help fill skill gaps or facilitate those who are already in place. In-house professionals who are experts in time management help the organisation save resources by preparing, coordinating, and executing schedules. 

Studies have shown that a positive and healthy learning environment enables better retention of information and facilitates constructive collaboration. An ideal external venue provides the employees with a distraction-free environment to engage with experts and colleagues to improve their skill sets. 

As a thriving startup centre, various event spaces for rent in Dubai offer the right balance of comfort, facilities, and productive ecosystems. Investing some time in strategising and choosing a suitable event space will benefit an organisation’s overall productivity and improve employee engagement.

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