How Interior Design Can Impact The Workflow In A Coworking Space

February 21, 2022
How Interior Design Can Impact The Workflow In A Coworking Space

Coworking space is in high demand as the remote workforce and academic learners look for the ideal spot to boost their productivity. Some individuals find it easier to get work done and find more motivation when using a shared space. This is often because of the atmosphere created by seeing other productive individuals and it may feel more professional than conducting work at home. Essentially, the workflow can be positively impacted by the right design. Here is a look at the way design can foster creativity and productivity in a coworking space. 

“I” And “We” Spaces

Individuals perform their best in environments that are unique to their individual needs. Some people require quieter and others like the hustle and bustle of an energetic office. It is a great idea to divide up coworking spaces with a combination of single and shared desks. Consider creating open but private alcoves where people can go to focus on days where they need to. Having “we” spaces can also provide people with areas to connect and ideate together. Work does not get done in a bubble, drawing inspiration from the views and perspectives of others is better fostered in spaces where people can face each other or sit nearby. These conditions are more conducive to conversation. 

Variety and Visual Stimulation

People respond to design in different ways. This can be from the type of seating they prefer, colour schemes or the type of art on the walls. Try to vary the objects used in a coworking office, while maintaining a specific theme. Colour can play a great role in people’s brain stimulation. Colours, like yellow, are known for being stimulating and energizing. Drawing energy into the space can affect the productivity of the people that visit it. Interesting visual elements and artwork can not only make the space look attractive but also provides a visually attractive option for people to look at in between long periods of being focused on their screen or paper. A beautiful space will make people more enticed to come in and subscribe to your coworking facilities. 

Incorporate Plants

Studies have proven that plants can help to reduce feelings of stress. We all know how stressful a deadline can be, so consider helping provide a calming space for clients. Improved well-being in a coworking space can be easily achieved by incorporating some greenery as a part of the interior design. 

Office Services 

A workspace requires more than just a desk. The basics need to be covered in the design and serviced offices can provide even greater benefits for those opting for a shared space. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection, professional guest reception, as well as food and beverage stations are some necessities and services that can make your location an attractive option for professionals and students. Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming a necessity for those conducting business or doing research. Providing quality food and beverage will ensure that clients have a good overall experience, creating a positive atmosphere for conducting work. If the facilities for this have not been incorporated into the design of the building then this will put limitations on the services that can be offered. 

Design plays a role in the attractiveness and functionality of a coworking space. All these factors can either foster or hinder creative workflows. Consider incorporating varied architecture, design, plants, social spaces and food services to cater to the needs of those looking for a productive space.

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