How Modern Technology Can Improve Your Meeting Room Experience

January 21, 2023
How Modern Technology Can Improve Your Meeting Room Experience

The typical meeting space hasn’t changed much over the past few decades, despite technological advancements and growing demands for collaboration in today’s global business environment.

The typical meeting room still has a conference phone, a screen, a whiteboard, and possibly some video conferencing equipment. But as new technology develops, meeting spaces will become more immersive and interactive, enhancing participant retention and productivity.

Tablets, smartphones, and laptops can all easily connect to create a single shared digital workspace. Cords will no longer be necessary, and participants in the same room or across offices can share content wirelessly without any hassle, enabling real-time conversation and content adaptation.

Work Together Without Restrictions

In the mobile and international workforce of today, communication with team members can be challenging. For instance, you might need to connect and review urgent information while one team member is at the airport, another is at the field office, and yet another is at a trade show while you are all in your respective offices.

It will be simpler for everyone to connect into a shared workspace from their individual devices, including remote and on-the-go participants, thanks to new conferencing technology. Whether it’s field notes, an Excel spreadsheet, or a video, everyone will be able to view and share content in real time.

Make Decisions Based on Data

Sharing knowledge is a major goal of almost every meeting or conference call. But doing this effectively and efficiently requires that everyone’s devices be able to connect and share content. Future meeting spaces will provide equal access to contextual real-time information so that quicker, more informed decisions can be made.

Provide More Space for Collaboration

Just consider how much time is wasted in meetings switching out the presentation control and cables, or even just sending emails information back and forth among participants. However, almost every meeting necessitates frequent sharing of documents, data, or visuals among many participants.

Participants can wirelessly connect to multiple screens, allowing the workspace and conversation to expand to meet the needs of the team. A weekly agenda can be displayed for reference on one screen with plenty of inputs and screen space, and visuals and data can be displayed side by side on other screens.

Get People’s Attention

In the past, conference rooms only had one large screen that one participant could plug into to share content. Conference rooms will soon have multiple screens on multiple walls as large high-definition screens become more reasonably priced.

More impressive visuals can be shared thanks to the additional screen real estate, which also gives users the room they need to spread out and work together. Content can be moved and manipulated by presenters and other meeting attendees using their phone, tablet, laptop, or even by making hand gestures.

Easier to Pick Up from Where you Left

Future conferencing technology will automatically save all meeting materials to a single location. Everyone who participated in the meeting will have access to a digital meeting portfolio that contains all of the files and other items that were accessed or shared.

Notes written on the white boards in the room will be automatically photographed by the room’s cameras. This eliminates the hassle of passing along notes while also ensuring that all ideas are recorded. You can simply go back to the meeting portfolio and open the link if you can’t quite recall the article your team member shared. Teams can pick up where they left off at the meeting the following week.

The days of holding board meetings in a traditional boardroom will soon be a thing of the past. Finally, the static, constrictive meeting and presentation space is giving way to a dynamic, immersive environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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