How Much Is a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

September 21, 2023
How Much Is a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

Dubai has always presented the most attractive stage for freelancers to test their talent and unlock their potential. From the stable economy, safety, and quality of lifestyle to tax-free status and diverse business opportunities, Dubai, to date, holds a good reputation as one of the reliable markets for freelancers.

Recent news expects the freelance sector in the UAE to grow significantly, influenced by a global skills shortage anticipated to leave 85.2 million jobs unfilled by 2030, notably in sectors like finance and business services. This gap will create a substantial opportunity for skilled talent offering specialised services, flexibility, and agility that traditional employment cannot match.

However, kickstarting your freelancer journey in Dubai is sometimes easier said than done. This has been a challenge, especially when it comes to understanding the legal obligations, eligibility, and cost of obtaining a visa. This article will shed professional insights on one of the famous questions regarding this topic- “How much is a freelance Visa in Dubai?”

What Exactly Is A Freelance Visa?

The freelance visa in UAE and freelance permit in Dubai 2024 refers to the legal right given to individuals to work as freelancers in Dubai, UAE. Having a freelance visa allows non-citizens the right to engage in their freelance initiatives within the country as long as they meet specified eligibility criteria and related regulatory frameworks.

Depending on the type of freelance visa or permit obtained, you can freelance in various fields, including media, design, education, and more. They will be subject to the regulations set by the UAE government and the specific free zone authorities.

It is a three-year visa that is renewable and allows freelancers to work for multiple clients without the need for a local sponsor. This visa is exclusively designed and is ideal for those who prefer to work independently and have the flexibility to choose their own projects.

Dubai’s Freelance Permit In 2024

Freelancers from all niches or skill backgrounds looking to work in the UAE can also apply for a freelance permit (2024) from the MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation). This permit gives them a special right to work anywhere in the UAE or worldwide.

New Types Of Dubai Freelance Available In 2024

As of 2024, freelancers have the benefit of exploring and enjoying different types of freelance visas in Dubai, UAE. Most of them are designed to cater to diverse professional needs.
The most commonly available freelance visa categories in Dubai include the following:

        • Freelance Work Permit
        • Investor/Freelance Visa
        • Media Freelancer Visa
        • Freelancer License Registration UAE
        • Freelance Permit For Women
        • Tech Freelancer Visa (Potential)

How Much Does A Freelance Visa Cost In The UAE

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. How much a freelance Visa is in Dubai depends on the type of visa you are applying for and the authority or free zone you are applying through. The following values are approximate costs of how much is a freelance Visa in Dubai, depending on its type.

  1. Freelance visa and work permit for residents – The price ranges from AED 7,500 to AED 15,000 per year, depending on the authority or free zone.
  2. Freelance visa for non-residents – The cost ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 per year, depending on the authority or free zone.
  3. Green Residence for freelancing and self-employment – The price is AED 9,500 per year.

Dubai Freelance Visa Cost 2024

If you are planning to apply for a freelance visa in Dubai in 2024 or renew it, there are generally four primary expenses that you need to consider.

  1. Freelance Permit:
    The cost of obtaining and renewing a freelance visa in Dubai in 2024 is around AED 7,500 and comes with an annual renewal requirement.
  2. Establishment Card:
    The establishment card in Dubai costs AED 2000 for both issuance and renewal. As with the freelance permit, it is necessary to renew this card on an annual basis.
  3. Employment Visa:
    The employment visa in Dubai has two options : (1) A 3-year valid visa costs AED 2,750, and (2) A 5-year valid visa costs AED 5,000.
  4. Residence Visa:
    • Residence visas applied from outside the UAE (valid for 3 years) cost AED 3,300 for the standard processing and AED 3,900 for the express processing.
    • Residence visas applied from within the UAE (valid for 3 years) cost AED 4,960 for the standard processing and AED 6,340 for the express processing.

However, it is important to emphasize that the answer to the question “How much is a freelance visa in Dubai?” is subject to periodical changes. If you are a freelancer wanting to explore this visa option, make sure to stay informed about the current costs of your selected freelance permit from professionals.

Dubai Talent Pass And Its Cost

Freelancers in Dubai can also obtain something called the “Talent Pass License”. This is a license that allows them to work in various regions of the UAE for a minimum of 3 years. Introduced in 2022, by the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), the vision behind this initiative is to attract skilled individuals globally to the country to foster long-term engagement.

However, it is important to remember that obtaining a license doesn’t automatically grant a visa in the UAE. Eligibility criteria for a “Talent Pass license” precede the acquisition of a three-year residence visa.

The cost of a Talent Pass license is around AED 9,500 (approximately $2,600) and requires annual renewal. While the exact renewal fee for the Freelance Visa Dubai is not explicitly mentioned or specified, it is less than the initial payment.

Dubai Freelance Visa Installment Plan

If you find it hard to understand how much a freelance visa in Dubai is according to your needs and niche, it is best to get professional help. They can help you get through all the legalities involved in the process.

Dubai also offers a versatile plan to make your business and freelance dreams into reality through a “Dubai Freelance Visa Installment Plan”. This flexible payment option is designed with the aim of easing the financial limitations freelancers may experience when starting their careers in Dubai. The plan allows them to break down the cost of acquiring a freelance visa in Dubai into convenient and manageable instalments.

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