Opportunities: 5 Profitable Virtual Business Ideas In Dubai

November 28, 2021
Opportunities: 5 Profitable Virtual  Business Ideas In Dubai

If there is one place people consider a haven of opportunities for all genders, ethnicities, and visions, it has to be Dubai. Zero income tax, 200 plus nationalities as residents, high-class infrastructure, sound laws, and access to the Dubai World Trade Center free zone that allows opening businesses for reasonable fees are all factors that significantly makes Dubai an attractive destination to start a business. 

If the unprecedented times resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping you from setting up a brick and mortar shop for your business, there are plenty of virtual business ideas that have the potential to see success in Dubai. Here are 5 such business opportunities that you can start through a virtual workplace and with a low investment. 

Food Delivery Marketplace

The food delivery market is thriving in Dubai. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, food delivery has gained so much importance among the residents all over the UAE. To get involved in this business, you don’t need to own an eatery; all you need is an online platform that collects food from local restaurants and delivers it to homes. You can also utilize this demand by simply collating with local restaurants and cafeterias as an affiliate and taking a small commission on any click throughs. 


If you already have the knowledge and skills to teach, you might as well turn these competencies into a business through tutoring. Virtual tutoring is increasing in popularity worldwide, especially after the pandemic, the concept of virtual classes is booming. All you need to start this business is proper teaching and video platform, and of course, a student base. Tutoring isn’t restricted to any specific subject or stream; you can always teach anything as long as you have a student network that demands tutoring for the specific subject. 


As a famous trading location, it should be of no surprise that Dubai’s e-commerce industry is growing faster at a steady rate. Although trading may sound like you need a physical store to conduct the business, it doesn’t. You can either apply for an e-commerce license in Dubai and run the business from anywhere in the world or even go for an e-commerce store in Dubai as a virtual office. If the business calls for corporate meetings, you can always opt for an executive meeting room or similar workspace options that you can rent for Ad hoc purposes. 

Translation Services

Dubai is a famously diverse place, where around 80% of residents come from overseas from different language backgrounds. It’s very unlikely for them to be well-versed in Arabic, Hindi, Urdu or Mandarin, which are common languages used in Dubai. In some cases, residents may also be less-versed in English and may require additional support in terms of translation. These factors make Dubai a perfect destination to start a professional translation service, which can be done virtually with no physical office required. 

Virtual Assistant

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more and more companies outsourcing services remotely, with virtual assistants gaining high popularity in recent times. Virtual assistance can be provided in almost any sector, and there is demand for any skill one can think of, be it from admin support or email management. The investment you need to start a virtual assisting business is very low, and that makes this business idea one of the most low-investment yet highly profitable virtual businesses you can start in Dubai, provided that you have the skills and experience the clients’ demand.

At The Executive Centre, we offer workspace solutions for all business needs regardless of their type, scale or nature. Be it a serviced workspace, co-working space, meeting room event space or even virtual offices to support your virtual business; we have customized solutions to all your workspace requirements. 

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