How Serviced Office Spaces Can Display Your Company’s Unique Brand Identity

April 26, 2024
How Serviced Office Spaces Can Display Your Company’s Unique Brand Identity

Branding is not something focused on customers alone- it’s an exclusive concept that considers employees and all other stakeholders of your company. While it’s easy for many of us to forget about the workplace when talking about branding, the overlooked truth is that your branding starts from your office space.

How your office looks plays a key role in deciding what others perceive of your company, its culture, and the first impression in general. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that how an office looks can make or break a company’s road to success.

Traditionally, branding your workspace takes a lot of professional planning and designing that should be apt for the nature of your business, which is both costly and complicated. At least, this is how it is perceived when the topic of unique brand identity is discussed among professionals.

Thankfully, serviced offices have become a go-to office space option for various beneficial reasons, with cost-effectiveness and professionalism being two of them. Besides these, with the advancement of serviced office space concepts, they are proving to be a great choice to display your unique brand identity.

This article lists four effective ways serviced office space can reveal your unique brand identity and make a personal statement to whoever visits your workspace.

1. Creates a Good Impression

The impression your clients, employees, and other stakeholders get from your workspace goes a long way in what they think about your brand. Be it from having a warm interior, colours used, office layout, amenities and general hygiene practices you’ll follow, it all makes a significant impact on the first impression anybody who visits your workspace will have.

A professional and advanced serviced business centre considers the highest workspace design philosophies for its office space solutions. They are also conveniently located in central business hubs with high-quality infrastructure, making commuting a breeze for anybody who would like to visit your workspace.

Moreover, serviced offices give your business a prestigious address located in some of the major business hubs or cities. They also allow your workspace to display a reputed, well-established, and unique brand identity among your stakeholders.

The same perspective applies to potential candidates who are willing to join your company. The location, design, and style of serviced offices can create a lasting impression on these candidates, ultimately influencing whether they want to join a firm or not. It also has a lot to do with professionalism, maintenance, and colour theories, which can rarely be executed in a traditional workspace or without the expensive involvement of interior designers.

2. Follows Professional Standards

Another competent way serviced offices can display your unique brand identity, when compared to conventional office space, is by following professional standards in almost all aspects of their workspace solutions and related services.

Serviced offices feature many value-adding services and amenities that can enhance the professional outlook of your workspace. For example, many leading serviced offices in Dubai have a separate phone and mail management service for their tenants as a value-adding service. So, even if you’re a startup business, you can still give customers and employees a professional brand identity through these services.

Some serviced offices also have a fully-equipped reception that can welcome visitors to your office in a professional manner, providing a warm impression of your brand and company in general.

All these features and amenities come at the cost of time, energy, and money if they were to be executed in a traditional workspace. Not to mention hiring the right staff to do this job, training them, and again vetting candidates in case of turnovers all involve a tedious process which can be used to other key areas of growth with the use of serviced offices.

3. Uplifts Visitor Experience

Serviced offices also include facilities like breakout rooms, conference and meeting rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and coffee or tea-making machines—some of which are subject to a pay-as-you-use basis. All these facilities give your employees, partners, or shareholders a unique and attractive experience when they visit your workspace.

It improves the sense of convenience, comfort, and flexibility in your office space, delivering a positive and warm experience to anyone visiting.

For example, suppose you hold a meeting or training program at a serviced office, the participants quickly get access to these facilities, giving them a unique and convenient experience, unlike in a traditional office setting. These experiences, in turn, get shared as word-of-mouth and thereby uplift a unique brand identity among your competitors. On the other hand, this influence can also be used as a marketing tool to attract potential clients and employees in the future.

4. Improve Interactions

One of the main ways a brand stands out with a unique identity is by improving interactions with its stakeholders. Technology does this almost seamlessly in a serviced office, as they are fully equipped with cutting-edge workspace technologies. Serviced offices use a series of simple to high-end facilities that can streamline visitors’ interactions with your brand conveniently. This includes facilities such as Wi-Fi and device plugs in the reception areas to update technologies like wireless presentation technology, mobile platforms, projectors, and smartboards in meeting rooms. These seamless interactions aided by technology help you deliver the right image of advancement and attitude that your brand maintains in the tech-savvy world.

Upgrade Your Company’s Unique Brand Identity

Always remember that your choice of a serviced office should be based on the type of job, size, budget, location, technology used, and other facilities available. This is the only way a company can utilise the full potential of a serviced office space in a way that sets and establishes a brand identity for your company.

If you’re looking to improve your brand identity by choosing the right serviced office in Dubai, get in touch with us at The Executive Centre. Our serviced offices are thoughtfully designed with sophisticated interiors and a critical focus on workspace productivity, allowing any business operation to succeed effortlessly.


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