Private Serviced Office

Discover flexible offices for rent in ADGM

Are you looking for ready-to-move serviced offices both convenient and fully furnished to lease in Abu Dhabi? Elevate your workspace with our premium private offices strategically located in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the dynamic award-winning financial centre in UAE.

At The Executive Centre we offer you ready and fully equipped workplaces in a prime location. Our commitment extends beyond providing workspace. We offer an environment that encourages your success, helps you build profitable relationships with like-minded professionals and provides your company with everything you need to grow.

Private Serviced Office

Prime Location Advantage in ADGM

Our rentable serviced offices are advantageously situated in Abu Dhabi Global Market, a free-trade zone in the heart of the city, with an area of 14.38 million sqm that makes ADGM one of the most extended financial districts worldwide.

Whether you’re a growing start-up or a small business, locating your workplace in our serviced offices ensures proximity to essential amenities and a successful environment, laying the groundwork for exceptional growth opportunities.

At our centre, you have the possibility to interact and build relationships with other businesses and entrepreneurs, with like-minded individuals. We believe in a sense of community among professionals. We offer lounge areas, serviced barista bars and relaxation areas where you can have breaks and meet new people to have meaningful exchanges of ideas.

Unique Features of Our Private Offices in Abu Dhabi

At The Executive Centre we reimagine work locations for your business.We offer office spaces to lease that are fully furnished and ready to move into, with a network that unlocks prime locations cost-effectively, ensures mobility and minimises investment risks.

  • Private secure access. We offer 24/7 keyless access to your private office, ensuring privacy and security for your workspace.
  • Designer workstations. Our offices provide comfort and functionality with Herman Miller Aeron chairs and 9AM height-adjustable desks. Every workstation is meticulously designed to optimise your performances and your time.
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure. We offer your team a robust IT setup which includes secure network servers, Cisco telephones, computers, photocopiers and scanners, ensuring strong connectivity and operational efficiency without technical issues.
  • First-class support with a dedicated team. We believe in smoothing your business activities and communications. For this reason we provide professional call answering, a hospitable visitor reception, efficient mail handling, and dedicated concierge services, designed to streamline your business operations and elevate client experiences.

Our rentable working spaces are designed to accommodate teams ranging 1 to 30 people, differing in sizes according to your business needs. Feel free to contact us to receive assistance in creating the ideal solution for your company.

With you serviced office plan at the Executive Centre in ADGM you have access to:

  • Premium meeting rooms and fully equipped break-out spaces. Meeting your clients is a renewed experience in our conference rooms and barista bars: high-quality spaces designed to help you conduct your business in a profitable and excellent way, with all the services you need.
  • An expansive lounge area for comfort and functionality, complemented by executive-grade furnishings that embody sophistication and efficiency.
  • An onsite staff fully equipped to offer comprehensive support for you and your company, from on-site baristas and engagement teams to IT and concierge services. You never have to worry about technical issues or communication problems. Our team is always available to take care of your needs, your spaces, your meetings and any other request.
Private Serviced Office

Tailored Business Support

Our commitment to a people-centric approach defines our pride in prioritising our Members’ needs. With an inclusive ethos embedded in our community, we are dedicated to crafting an exceptional working environment.

Serviced offices in ADGM ensure a hassle-free solution for businesses seeking fully-furnished spaces without the complexities of setting up a workspace from scratch. The Executive Centre guarantees complete privacy, comprehensive services, and adaptable leasing terms.

Alongside, we extend offerings of coworking spaces, virtual offices, and well-equipped meeting rooms.

Our vision is to anticipate, fulfil, and surpass the expectations of our Members through our private offices. We uphold unparalleled benchmarks, crafting offices aligned with your company requisites across service, infrastructure, technology, and interior aesthetics.

Your office, ready to move into, is exclusively dedicated to your business – an open canvas ready for your unique touch.

Private Serviced Office

Why Choose Our Serviced Offices in ADGM?

Abu Dhabi Global Market stands as an award-winning international financial hub, a centre for innovation and growth. Its strategic location, regulatory frameworks, and emphasis on promoting innovation make it an ideal setting for flourishing start-ups and growing businesses.

With our offices situated within ADGM we offer your company an advantageous background to grow and achieve success. Our strategic location, the business-friendly policies, and the streamlined procedures make our Centre an ideal setting for your activity. ADGM’s accessibility, quality standards, autonomous jurisdiction, and global partnerships offer businesses, start-ups and brands a nurturing environment to grow. And beyond serviced offices, with our coworking spaces we encourage a background of collaboration and learning. We aim to develop a sense of community among professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Our serviced offices in Abu Dhabi are designed to meet the diverse needs of growing start-ups, small brands and developing businesses. We empower companies to thrive in a dynamic, high-quality and innovative environment.

Private Serviced Office

Contact Us

Location: Level 12, Al Sila Tower, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAEEmail: adgm@executivecentre.comPhone No: +971 2 411 0500

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing for leasing our private offices can differ, based on the office type, its size, the renting period, and any other potential additional request to meet your business needs. To receive a detailed quotation, feel free to contact us and we can help you find the perfect solution for your business to settle and develop.

Sure, we are here to help you find the best solution for your business. If your company needs change, contact us and we can assist you, tailoring the perfect space according to your requirements.

Absolutely! We offer a Serviced Office package which allows you to have access to all our +180 global locations: meeting rooms, coworking spaces, event venues.Use the MyTech app to reserve your desired space and just show the QR code when you arrive. You can also book our meeting rooms online, at competitive prices.

Yes, there is a security deposit required within the contract for serviced office leasing. This deposit is entirely refunded when every outstanding fee has been paid.

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