Transforming A Home Office To Improve Productivity And Engagement

May 8, 2021
Transforming A Home Office To Improve Productivity And Engagement

Home offices are an essential part of the remote work culture. It is crucial to design a suitable environment for a home office that facilitates productivity. Working from home should not translate to lower work efficiency. Research has shown that having a great workspace is not just limited to the right equipment. Space has to influence people to engage with their work and inner selves to ensure creativity and productivity. Let us look at some ways to get the right balance between comfort and efficiency for a home office.

Right Separation

It is essential to draw a very clear line between home and work. Undoubtedly, space can be a problem here. However, care should be taken to ensure that the home office is strictly for work if space allows. One of the main challenges faced by employees in a virtual office setup is the possibility of being distracted by the home atmosphere. For that reason, things that do not have anything to do with work should be moved elsewhere. Having a clear separation can help people focus on their work and be helpful when calculating budgets for office supplies.

Decluttering The Space

Ad hoc, cramped, and uninspiring workspace will greatly slow down productivity. The first step is to declutter the space such that only the essentials remain in the vicinity. When people start working, clutter inevitably builds up. They often fail to notice how cramped the workspace is until heaps of unnecessary documents, expired bills, and old brochures bury them neck-deep. From feeling distracted to loss of productivity, clutter can significantly bring down efficiency. Devoting some time every day to ensure that the things that are no longer necessary are no longer in the workspace can be beneficial.

Right Equipment

To convert a home space to a home office, the right equipment is crucial. Natural light is usually considered the best to aid work. However, a desk lamp that does not take up too much space can also be used. Besides lighting, it is vital to have suitable furniture for the home office. Investing in comfortable furniture can also enhance the home office experience. 


In an executive office, paperwork and physical documents are commonplace. However, remote work takes such elements out of the picture. Digitising documents to save up space in the home office is a valuable measure. Over and above decluttering the home office, digitisation also allows for smooth collaboration between colleagues and adds to work productivity. 

Healthy Habits 

Virtual office situations and remote work can take a toll on employees if not done the right way. An office provides a dynamic platform for employees to move around, interact and maintain positivity. In a home office situation, these can be nurtured by adopting healthy habits such as following a balanced diet, exercise regimen, frequent interaction with friends and family, and so on.  

Transforming a home office into a place of efficiency essentially comes down to deciding what is essential and not. It is an undisputed fact that employee mindset is greatly affected by the environment in which they work. Therefore, dedicating some time to strategising how the workspace will look can significantly contribute to engagement and efficiency. 

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