Understanding What Are Pro Services in The UAE

January 26, 2024
Understanding What Are Pro Services in The UAE

The UAE is one of the most attractive countries to start a business. From its favourable regulatory frameworks to tax exemptions and strategic location connecting to global markets, establishing a startup in Dubai makes sense in so many ways.

While the regulations governing business startups have been constantly favouring new entrepreneurs, it does call for strict compliance and procedures. Adhering to local regulations that cover the procedures to set up a business is a key step in any part of the world.

As much as it can feel overwhelming to pass through these steps, it is a procedure that can never be overlooked when starting a business, regardless of the country. Failing to properly follow established regulatory frameworks concerning your business can result in serious and expensive consequences. In worse cases, it can harm the reputation of your new brand, spread bad word-of-mouth, and sometimes even result in being blacklisted by the government due to legal breaching.

Especially if you are an expat or foreigner trying to establish a startup in Dubai, navigating the legal procedure can come with so many doubts and uncertainties. PRO Services in the UAE is a professional business support service that is exclusively designed to help you get through these legal procedures.

This article will give a simple guide to what are PRO services, features, and what you can expect from them.

An Overview Of What Are Pro Services in The UAE

PRO (Public Relations Officer) services in the UAE are a type of professional business service that helps startups manage and pass through regulations and other forms of government-related processes that are necessary in order to successfully register and establish a business.

These services are exclusively targeted at entrepreneurs new to the region or expats and foreigners who find it complex or confusing to navigate these regulatory and administrative requirements.

PROs are experts at keeping a firm grip on the legal, administrative, human resource, and financial aspects of a business. Legal documentation, business approvals, license renewal, government reform implementation, and visa services for employees, dependents, and domestic workers are typically divided into different tasks.

Here are the key aspects of what PRO services in the UAE are:

Government Liaison & Regulatory Compliance

First things first, the primary aim of PRO services is to act as an intermediary between a startup or business and the government authorities. They help to decode mandatory legal processes, handle documentation, and receive approvals for various business activities. Through this, ensuring that businesses comply with local laws and regulations, including health and safety standards, environmental laws, and industry-specific regulations, is the ultimate goal for PRO service providers in the UAE.

Corporate Services

This feature allows PRO services in the UAE to provide assistance and guidance in setting up branches or representative offices and other corporate formalities associated with it. This includes helping businesses choose the right business structure, complete necessary paperwork, assess free zones or the mainland options etc.

They also help in opening corporate bank accounts and offer ongoing admin support, including secretarial services and mail handling, making them indispensable for ensuring smooth and compliant business operations in the UAE.

Obtaining, Renewing, and Amending Trade License

PRO services also offer guidance and support for startups with trade license renewal in the UAE by submitting legal documents and obtaining approvals from relevant government and local agencies as well as the judicial department in the shortest time possible. Not only that, they also help in renewing licenses, or amending them if required by the mandate.

All in all, anyone trying to understand what are PRO services in the UAE are can be well assured that these services will handle all trade regulatory processes and paperwork associated with a trade license for a business.

Visa & Labor Processing

PRO services in the UAE also assist businesses, employees, dependents, and domestic workers in obtaining visas. They will contact the client’s employees’ immigration department to obtain employee visas and labour cards. This service covers the processing of work related to all work visas, residency permits, labour cards, and Emirates IDs for employees and their families.

Family Visa

If any startup has family members that they would like to bring into the country, PRO services in the UAE will handle that as well. The PRO service provider will process family members of the sponsor’s dependents’ documents according to age and gender, obtain approvals from various departments, obtain attestations from embassies, secure visa clearance, file accommodation, and provide other legal rights to live as UAE residents through either employee or employer-sponsored visa.

Clearing Services for Documents

Any entrepreneur understanding what are PRO services in the UAE, and if it is worth it should definitely consider this feature a close look. PRO service providers will handle all document clearances from the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, government departments, and the Chamber of Commerce.

This also includes managing the submission and clearance of documents required for various business activities, such as import/export licenses and other government approvals.

Clearing services for documents on your behalf means you will have zero involvement in tedious paperwork and problems with accuracy, approvals, and timely submissions to relevant government authorities.

PRO Services In The UAE: Simplifying Legal Compliance For Startups

Outsourcing PRO services in the UAE has many benefits for startups and emerging businesses, but the ones listed above are the most important. However, as long as you understand what are PRO services in the UAE and assess their benefits, you should still do your homework before hiring any service providers. Make sure the right service provider has a long history in the industry, like The Executive Centre.

Before you hire them, evaluate their communication skills and qualities. Take into account their ratings and reputation as well. This way, you can rest assured that you are working with the best people.


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