What Should You Know if Your Team Works Abroad?

April 14, 2022
What Should You Know if Your Team Works Abroad?

Virtual Offices are getting more and more popular every year having the pros of having a physical location but with none of its downsides. With you and your team mostly working remotely, this opens up the company’s capacity to hire foreign workers.

Hiring foreign workers can help you expand your small business into the global market, which is growing at a rapid pace. Hiring from outside the country also allows you to hire the best talent for your company, but what should you know before making an offer? 

Compliant Employment

You must employ foreign workers in accordance with their respective countries’ labor laws. Income tax, social security contributions, maximum working hours, and mandatory paid leave are just a few of the factors to consider when hiring abroad.

Know Where your Employees are Stationed

When you hire foreign workers, you’re giving them the freedom to work anywhere in the world. You must know where they are working from in order to properly employ them and ensure that they have the legal right to work wherever they are. Adding a tick-box question to a new starter form is a simple way to accomplish this.

Respect Employees Holidays

Employees working abroad are entitled to paid time off on national holidays in their home countries. Respecting this not only ensures your compliance, but it also demonstrates that you value the cultural contexts of your team members. This is a fantastic way to instill a sense of belonging in your team while also retaining foreign workers.

Know how to Pay Foreign Workers

When hiring foreign workers, there are several ways to compare salaries. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re paying compliant salaries that are commensurate with employees’ qualifications and experience and are calculated consistently across your team.

Make Online Boarding Streamlined

Set up a streamlined online onboarding process for international hires to ensure a smooth transition to their new position. Allow them to use all of the necessary online tools and to onboard independently and asynchronously if necessary. In the first month, we also recommend scheduling a lot of one-on-one meetings. Introduce them to the entire team within their first week to foster a sense of belonging.

Assist with Remote Office Setups

One of the most pressing concerns for businesses is whether foreign employment will reduce employee productivity. You can easily keep your international employees engaged by assisting them in establishing a healthy remote office. Consider allowing employees to work from home.

Set Up the Right Remote Technology for Your Team

Remote working tools are extremely useful for keeping teams in different parts of the world in touch. External meetings, task management, socializing, and impromptu brainstorming can all be made easier with them.

Provide opportunities for Learning and Development

Virtual development tools can assist your foreign workers in performing their duties more effectively. They can also help employees become more resilient and adaptable by up- and re-skilling them.



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