What You Need To Know About Product Registration In The UAE

August 21, 2022
What You Need To Know About Product Registration In The UAE

The most popular emirate in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai. It is also regarded as one of the world’s top business hubs. It has the best malls with internationally acclaimed amenities, including up-to-date airports and seaports. In the UAE, registering a new company, business, or product is a simple, dependable, and secure process.

What Is Product Registration

Product registration in Dubai, UAE, is one of the most crucial steps in the strict procedures the UAE has put in place to control and regulate all imported or manufactured goods on the domestic market. Dubai Product Registration ensures consumer protection and prevents the import of counterfeit goods that might endanger the safety, health, and hygiene of its citizens.

To simplify the import, production, and marketing of all products, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has made the requirement for product registration mandatory. The competent authority with which importers and regional producers are required to register their goods is the Municipality of each emirate.

What Products Must Be Registered

Every product, whether it be a cosmetic, food, or health-related item, must be registered with the Municipality of the relevant emirate in accordance with the rules set forth by the UAE authorities. Personal care products, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals that have not been registered in accordance with the rules are prohibited from being produced, imported, exported, or marketed in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates.

The product registration procedure makes sure that the labels on the products provide consumers with all the information they require. The government can determine whether the producers or importers of the products are adhering to consumer safety standards thanks to product registration in the UAE.

Steps On How To Register Your Products

Have Your Business be Registered

The Dubai Municipality requires that businesses operating in Dubai’s mainland or any of its free zones register their products. For businesses to have their product registration requests processed by the Municipality, they must first have access to a current license.

You must have a current business license for Dubai or a UAE Free Zone before you can start registering your products with the Dubai Municipality. Depending on your chosen business activity and trade license, this could take 2 to 4 weeks.

Register with The Dubai Municipality

Your business must now submit a copy of your trade license, email address, contact information, registered office, and other information on the municipality’s online portal after being registered in the UAE.

Once a company has confirmed that it has a current license, it must register with the municipality. To begin the process and pay the registration fees, businesses must submit a Products Registration Service Application. For each product, the company representative must complete the form. Additionally, the representative must submit a copy of a legitimate label assessment for the product that needs to be registered. Only in Dubai is it possible to register online via the Municipality’s website.

Send In Product Details

Giving the authorities information about your product is the next step in getting it approved for sale, import, or export. Giving a list of the ingredients and sending a sample of the product to the authorities for additional testing are a couple of the details needed. Before your product is authorized for use or consumption, you may be required to modify it and provide additional evidence if the authorities discover any potential problems with it. It’s important to remember that there is a processing fee for applications.

Receive Your Certificate of Registration

Your products will be registered with the municipality and you will be given an electronic registration certificate if they have met the authorities’ health and safety requirements. The certificate can be displayed on goods and branding to show that they adhere to Dubai’s health and safety regulations.

It can be a difficult and time-consuming process to register your product, especially for those looking to establish themselves in Dubai’s business center. However, it shouldn’t be challenging if you work with a PRO service in Dubai that can assist you with every last application detail.

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