Best Ways to Personalize Your Serviced Office

December 7, 2022
Best Ways to Personalize Your Serviced Office

For business owners who typically work from home or don’t have office space in every city where they have clients, virtual offices and serviced offices offer clear advantages. These kinds of offices give you the flexibility to rent a prestigious address, a chic office, or a chic conference room whenever you need to wow clients.

However, you don’t want an overly organized desk to give the impression to clients that this is not your main place of business. By customizing your serviced office space, you can prevent it from appearing generic and impersonal if you are renting office space or conference rooms.

Bring A Few Personal Belongings With You To Your Executive Suite

You should pack a few personal items to spruce up a cold office if you’re meeting clients in an executive suite or a serviced office. To make the desk appear used, keep your laptop, papers, files, and other office supplies on it, but keep everything organized.

If you can, bring along one or two small framed photos, make sure they are of your family or friends and not strangers, a name plate, a business card holder, a small plant, or a few trinkets that express your interests or personality. It’s a nice touch to have a coffee mug on the desk.

Make a Conference Room Your Own

The best thing you can do to get ready for a crucial meeting is to reserve a conference room in your serviced office. Although they don’t have to, conference rooms should still look professional. Your customers won’t anticipate seeing family portraits, houseplants, or other trinkets and personal touches in a space that hosts numerous guests all day.

A few company-branded items, such as an iPad with your company logo on it or coffee mugs with your company name, can help you make an impression on clients. You can provide these items as a gesture of hospitality since many serviced or virtual offices also provide refreshments or snacks. Contact the support staff at your serviced office if you are aware of your clients’ preferences so they can cater your meeting with specially made food and drinks.

Bring Plants to your Office

Bring in a variety of green plants and table flowers to your workspace to add some freshness and aesthetic spirit. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on maintenance for small money plants or cacti either.

Normally, greenery brightens the otherwise dull workplace and serves as a good conversation starter with your coworkers. Flowers like bud roses and various daffodils stand out in this category; they lighten the mood and allow the primitive nature, which modern culture is eroding away from, to be embraced. As a result, it is among the few opportunities for an 8-hour worker to experience nature.

Make a Splash of Color

Bring some color and design into your workspace. A little of your favorite color and an interesting design can improve the work environment, whether it’s a cubicle or a separate office on the top floors. It is crucial to realize that a friendly environment is necessary for happy work, and a well-lit, colorful environment is undoubtedly preferable to one that is dark and gloomy.

Declutter Your Space

The final but most crucial topic to discuss in any workspace is maintaining a clutter-free environment. Working in a disorganized environment causes delays, lower productivity, and frustration. This is why you should take the time to organize the items in your workspace and hold regular cleaning sessions. You will be motivated to go the extra mile in a tidy, personalized environment.

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