How Do Prestigious Locations Have An Impact On Your Choice Of Event Spaces?

July 15, 2021
How Do Prestigious Locations Have An Impact On Your Choice Of Event Spaces?

Choosing the right location for business events can make or break the success of the event. The location has a crucial impact on all the other aspects of the event like the date, the number of attendees, catering options, participants’ experience, etc. It would be rather overwhelming to decide on the right location because there are a number of appealing options available in the business centres in Dubai. The key is to look for a site that suits the unique requirements of the event the best. This choice can be made easier by considering a few factors related to the location that influences the way the event is conducted. 

Before starting to plan the event and choosing the location, organizations should study the demographics of the target participants well. The estimated number of participants directly affects the type of venue selected since the capacity to accommodate the audience is a core consideration. Once an estimate is made, a lot of locations can be checked off the list. Choosing a prestigious location for the event can greatly benefit the event’s success and make the planning a whole lot easier. 


The event location should ideally be located nearer to the residences of the intended participants. This ensures that the participants don’t drain their energies out on the commute to the location. If the event is to be held outside the workplace, it should also be sufficiently far away from the executive office for the participants to feel productive and refreshed, separated from where they work. Spaces that are reputable and prestigious are usually located in the hearts of the cities. This can be an advantage if the office and the target audience are situated in the city.


The location should be well-connected to the rest of the city and the residences of the participants through road, rail, or air. If the location is far away from the accessible parts of the city, the participants may find it difficult to get there, and this could cause avoidable delays. Prestigious locations are usually housed in transit-oriented locations. That is, participants can easily access them through taxis, public transport, or they may even be at a walkable distance from important bus or train stations. 

Service and Amenities

A robust event location will come with all the necessary amenities to host the event. This includes adequate furniture, audio-visual arrangements, recreational spaces, separate halls for different purposes, and catering facilities. These spaces also usually come with dedicated staff for specialized functions like catering and sanitation. The attached recreational spaces serve as space for the attendees to refresh and revitalize themselves during breaks. If it is a multi-day event, the possibility to house the attendees overnight should also be an important consideration. Even if space itself does not have dedicated rooms, nearby hotels should be located with adequate capacity. Some event spaces also offer the service of booking hotels for the event themselves. This can make the process free of unwanted hurdles. 

Many prestigious event venues in Dubai offer a range of services and amenities that will ensure that the event is held in a hassle-free and smooth manner. The environment in which corporate events are conducted plays an important role in its success. Choosing the right location with adequate amenities and the right ambiance will enhance the experience of the employees and ensure that the event is productive and successful.

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