Online Learning Have You Down? Here Are Some Positive Results Shown By Students That Have Started Using Communal Workspaces

January 21, 2022
Online Learning Have You Down? Here Are Some Positive Results Shown By Students That Have Started Using Communal Workspaces

Communal workspaces are commonly referred to as coworking spaces. It’s a professional workspace set up where different people come together to a professional area to get work done. People working here will not necessarily be from the same company, industry or field of interest. While communal spaces were designed to cater to the workspace market, the new normal with generalized e-learning is changing this market pattern. 

Online learning has been a significant game-changer in education systems worldwide because of the pandemic. However, many issues relating to online learning have kept students down. Here are some positive results students who started using communal places for online learning have shown that may surprise you. 

Increased Productivity

Although one of the benefits of online learning is being able to study at your convenience, whether it is in a set of pajamas or on the bed while snacking, many students believe this extra comfort makes it harder for them to stay productive or focused during learning hours. Adding to this, in an online learning setting at home, students also face several distractions by the people in the house and urgent chores. 

Even online students who opted for coffee shops and libraries had to face issues like noise, constant traffic, and limits on WIFI, again affecting their productivity. According to statistics, it’s shown that 68% of people who used communal spaces to work or study were able to concentrate better, meaning they learned more while in a shared space than at home. 

A professional communal or coworking space has all amenities, including reliable WIFI, meeting rooms, ergonomically furniture and aesthetically compiled interior that boost productivity. Moreover, these spaces are free from all forms of distraction as everybody sharing the space is committed to their work, which easily motivates students to stay focused and get their tasks done. 

Able To Meet Deadlines Easier

According to statistics, it’s believed that 64% of people, both students and workers, find that using communal spaces helps them complete tasks on time. This directly impacts the enhanced productivity communal spaces provide as well.

Online learning has made it easier for students to procrastinate doing homework, assignments, and even studying. Booking a communal space comes with a cost and a time slot. So it’s natural for any student to use such a space to focus on getting their tasks done within the allocated time slots they have booked. This also comes with a cost-conscious mindset.

Communal spaces offer students the mindset of where they need to set aside the time they spend there only for learning and to get tasks done. This cultivates good time management skills and helps students to meet deadlines easier with minimal procrastinations.

Easier Collaboration And Social Connections 

Online learning is a major drawback to group work or assignments. Although it is possible to connect to a group using Zoom or other video conferencing software, communal spaces offer a more organized and productive environment for a group to get their tasks done efficiently and more collectively. If you’re opting for a coworking space through professionals like The Executive Centre, they have facilities like conference rooms that can let students do group works with fewer distractions.

Another significant disadvantage in online learning is that it creates a sense of isolation with little or no human interactions. They can get frustrated as students feel like they are studying alone. On the other hand, communal spaces have personalities from different backgrounds and industries, which gives easy access for students to get help, seek advice or even build meaningful networks, which can be beneficial in planning their career path or future. This gives a unique and valuable learning experience that a conventional online learning or traditional class setup cannot provide.


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