The Current Trends Shaping the Modern Workspace in Abu Dhabi

January 14, 2023
The Current Trends Shaping the Modern Workspace in Abu Dhabi

A traditional workplace used to be a strict environment where employees had to strictly adhere to office norms like wearing a suit and tie and working from 9 to 5. The modern workplace is flexible and informal today. Spaces can be easily modified to take advantage of the advantages.

Employers are beginning to recognize the importance of encouraging employee motivation and satisfaction in the workplace. Let’s look at the modern workplace trends that are becoming more and more popular in Abu Dhabi and how they are affecting how we work today.

Increase in Freelancers

In recent years, the UAE government has worked to promote an environment that is favorable for independent contractors. Regulations have been loosened, making it simpler to obtain a freelance permit.

Both large and small corporations in the region are becoming more willing to hire independent contractors. Employers gain from having access to a large talent pool of highly skilled specialists, including writers, Photoshop experts, bookkeepers, and graphic designers.

Additionally, they can cut back on administrative and medical expenses. Freelancers, after all, accept project-specific payments and don’t necessarily need pricey employee perks.

More Office Locations

Office occupants have long used consolidation as a cost-cutting strategy. The introduction of the Abu Dhabi Global Market along with the law allowing 100% foreign ownership eliminates the need for licensing restrictions.

We anticipate a more decentralized occupier footprint going forward, despite the fact that the aforementioned has removed legal barriers that previously forced some Abu Dhabi-based firms to maintain multiple offices. A further benefit of having multiple locations is that staff commute times can be cut down.

Rise of Shared Office Spaces

A diverse group of people can gather in a shared office or coworking space in Abu Dhabi to work independently or jointly. It is frequently occupied by a group of independent contractors who don’t necessarily work for the same employer and who coexist in a non-competitive environment.

Coworking spaces come fully equipped and furnished, just like a regular office would. It provides a variety of amenities, including meeting spaces, refreshments, common areas, and cubicles that independent contractors can use.

Because it gives independent contractors freedom or control over their working lives, the shared workspace trend has grown immensely in popularity. Additionally, it offers them the chance to join a professional community and make useful business connections.

Output Based Work

In the typical office environment, productivity is frequently linked to the amount of time spent there. However, this is a dated measurement that only demonstrates how effective a worker is at showing up and not actually contributing.

The ability of an employee to produce results is a better indicator of their efficiency and skills than the number of hours they put in, so many businesses these days are changing their management processes and policies to make room for outcome-based evaluations rather than the number of hours they put in.

Work and Life Balance

This generation of workers believes in life after work. According to studies, millennials value having a healthy work-life balance when choosing a job. Therefore, businesses looking to hire a millennial freelancer should be willing to offer flexibility and a healthy work-life balance.

After all, a worker’s productivity and morale can suffer from stress and overwork. Companies should shift their attention away from office hours and toward deliverables and results.

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