The New Normal: Factors To Consider When Selecting An Event Space

November 14, 2021
The New Normal: Factors To Consider When Selecting An Event Space

Planning an event during a global pandemic calls for precise planning and attention to detail. The whole world is adapting to a new normal, and hosting events also require similar adjustments. At the same time, identifying the factors to consider when selecting an event space can be tricky and confusing. Here are four key factors you should ideally consider when choosing an event venue to keep it as safe and hygienic as possible. 

Health and Safety Protocols

First and foremost, an important thing to consider when opting for a meeting or conference room rental to host an event is to ensure the venue adheres to all established health and safety protocols. To keep meeting attendees as safe as possible, pay attention to cleaning policies the venue has in place. Check if the venue’s safety and health policies meet or exceed industry standards with regular disinfection practices and commitment to the highest level of cleanliness. Paying attention to this will eradicate all safety issues that can arise from the event venue in the first place. 

Know Your Numbers

Because of the Covid outbreak, the number of attendees is now a significant consideration for any event. To ensure you comply with the maximum number of people allowed in a given space, you need to check the venue’s capacity. Ensure that the venue space provides enough room for event participants to maintain social distance, at least by 1.5 meters. Besides that, make sure the venue space allows proper spacing arrangements to conduct any activities you may be planning for the event while keeping your participant count in mind.  

Flexible Cancellation Policies  

Lookdowns are unpredictable, and they can occur at any time with short notice. This may encourage you to change your event plan completely. Choose a venue space that will allow you to adapt to various circumstances and has flexible policies for cancellations, the number of guests, and support for outside issues that are not in your control. Flexible policies give you complete confidence in booking your event with an adaptable venue along with a hassle-free experience in case you need to postpone your event.  

Safe Food Options

If your event will take longer than a few hours, then food is definitely involved. In that case, it’s best to verify if the event venue provides a safe arrangement where the attendees can enjoy refreshments while following established government regulations.

It’s also a good idea to check the catering options or packages that will suit the style of the event depending on the duration. For example, as buffets are currently off the table, individual grazing platters or drop off meals are excellent options to pick.


In any event, the check-in and check-out processes are critical points that aid overcrowding and possible transmissions. So, check how the chosen event space plans for these danger points and what measures they take to minimize attendees’ interactions with event venue staff and other attendees. 

At The Executive Centre, we have restructured our event spaces to adapt to the new normal while embodying the style and tone suitable for all corporate events. Our venues ensure your corporate event is both memorable and productive in an environment that upholds all health and safety protocols. 

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