Why You Should Start A Business In Abu Dhabi

June 28, 2022
Why You Should Start A Business In Abu Dhabi

Although the United Arab Emirates is known for its unique and diverse tourist destinations, it has much more to offer the international business community. The country is a hub for direct foreign investments due to its open and dynamic economy, low tax rates, low import taxes, and strategic location. The government has worked tirelessly to make doing business in the UAE as simple as possible. The capital has received special attention.


The Emirate of Abu Dhabi

The capital and largest Emirate in the UAE is Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates has undergone a massive transformation in recent years, with unprecedented economic development and growth. Abu Dhabi has evolved into a dynamic hub and a major player in a variety of business and industrial sectors, allowing it to compete on a global scale.

Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest of them all, with 95 percent of the UAE’s oil production. Abu Dhabi has become a hub for foreign investment and has a stable and wealthy economy as one of the fastest-growing business and industrial centers in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East region.

The growing prosperous economy is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs are flocking to the UAE. Abu Dhabi has established itself as a major Middle Eastern tourist destination, hosting global attractions, cultural diversity, and a rich tradition of building modern landmarks and celebrating overall growth. 

Abu Dhabi is ranked 6th in the world for proven oil reserves, accounting for 10% of global reserves. It also has the seventh largest natural gas reserves in the world. Abu Dhabi has long been regarded as the best investment destination for entrepreneurs due to its vast natural resources and strategic development.


Ease of Business

Abu Dhabi’s commitment to global partnerships, high-profile lifestyle, and competitive business environment are the reasons for its world-class elements. Other unique features that make Abu Dhabi the best place to invest include 100 percent foreign ownership in free zones, a 0% tax rate, and cost exemptions for the first two years. 

That’s not all; entrepreneurs can also take advantage of long-term residency visas, dual licenses, and 100 percent onshore ownership in critical industries. In fact, the World Bank’s report on Ease of Doing Business places Abu Dhabi at number 16 in the world.

These factors have always attracted investors to come to Abu Dhabi and expand their businesses. With this destination’s friendly business environment, people feel safe and secure. 


Advantageous Location

For investors to come to Abu Dhabi, the location has been ideal. The location offers excellent stability, connectivity, ease of doing business, and a welcoming business environment. With 4.5 billion users, the site is accessible in four time zones. UAE has a very prosperous location. It is located in the Middle East and southwest Asia, between Oman and Saudi Arabia, on the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. This location is ideal for crude oil transportation.



The location provides a cutting-edge infrastructure facility that is fully designed to meet the world’s most demanding business and lifestyle needs. Abu Dhabi has all the amenities you need for your business. Co-working facilities, PRO services, conference rooms and executive meeting rooms are all available  just to name a few. This not only attracts more investors from around the world, but it also gives its citizens the opportunity to travel to various beautiful locations. The infrastructure is extensive and diverse, and everyone enjoys it. It provides a solid foundation for starting a business.


Technology-oriented and Skilled Workforce

Abu Dhabi houses a number of skilled labor forces. The most important thing to note is that the area is rich in local innovations, attracting international talent, and fostering technological growth. This has helped the company grow in a short period of time. As a result of this, people have always chosen the best location to expand their business and have been successful.

When it comes to innovation, Abu Dhabi attracts international technologists and investors who use the city’s base as innovation launchpads. Abu Dhabi was recently ranked second in the smart city development region. It was also ranked as the most advanced technology base in the Middle East.

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